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Sustainability and Award Winning

MSC Award

(Our MSC Award with some of our VIP (very important pupils) visitors)

Fish Suppers have been a UK favourite since the mid 1800’s  Indeed it was one of the few foods not rationed during both World Wars in the 20th Century.  That adds up to an awful lot of fish taken from the sea. 

Now the focus is on sustaining our fish stocks around the UK and beyond. With 90% of world fish stocks fully or over exploited from fishing, plus pressure from climate change and pollution, we’re moving into dangerous waters when it comes to the fish of the future

In Scotland Haddock is the preferred supper for most but according to the Marine Conservation Society,  depending on where caught, stocks are under threat.

That’s why all the fish used at The Fish Hoose is sourced sustainably.  We only buy from boats certified under the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme, which ensures responsible catching practices and high standards of crew welfare.

We want to introduce our customers to other equally tasty alternatives to haddock including Hake, Coley and Herring when in season.   Check our menu when you come in to see what’s new and watch our Facebook page.

Check our Source Board in the shop for daily updates on which boat landed the days’ fish and what type of potato we are using and where it as grown.  Full traceability promoting top quality suppers for you.

Source Board, The Fish Hoose

Sustainability goes further than fish: all our packaging which we keep to a minimum is fully bio degradable.  All our waste oil is converted into bio-diesel.  We aim to not only comply with waste legislation but exceed standard set.

We also source locally for our garnishes and salads.  Ivan Wood & Sons, based in Fife, are Scotland’s greenest fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers that’s why we choose them as our supplier.  Minimum travel miles and a great company ethos that matches our own

Our commitment to the environment goes right through to our food waste handling too, especially that of the potato peelings.  We have installed the latest technology from another award winning Fife company: Peel Tech.   This machine ensures that we are not only fully compliant with waste legislation but that our friends and neighbours in Thornton won’t be bothered with blocked drains and unwanted odours.

NFFF Quality Award

We are delighted to be holders of the NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Award, one of less than 100 throughout the UK. The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Award Scheme is all about finding those shops throughout the UK that give their customers the BEST QUALITY fish and chips, assessing them against our quality benchmark and rewarding successful applicants who pass the inspection and the taste test, with the 'BIG Q' Quality Award sign. This is so you can be assured of eating top quality fish and chips from a top quality fish and chip shop!

The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Award is a scheme aimed at improving standards and rewarding shops that provide top quality fish and chips in a clean, hygienic and safe environment.  Look out for the Big Red Q when you visit your chippy.  We've got ours proudly on display.

NFFF Quality Award


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